Book review: The Principles of Object-Oriented JavaScript By Nicholas C. Zakas, O'Reilly Media


The book gives an introduction to JavaScript for readers with a backgound in object oriented languages like C# or Java.

HTML5 and JavaScript seems to be everywhere now, so after avoiding it for a long time, I have given in and will try to learn it. At first it seems easy, because it looks like the C#, that I normally code, but it is very different. So I was glad when I saw this book, it seemed like I am in the center of the target group. So does it deliver on the promise to explian JavaScript to someone like me? The answer is mostly yes.


The book starts with a basic introduction to the type system and more importantly the implementation of it. It then moves on to functions again with a analogies to the object oriented world and with basic examples.

After this basic introduction the meat of the book, how are objects implemented and how can you work object oriented in JavaScript. This means explanations of methods, properties, constructors and inheritance. It ends with a tour of the patterns, you should use when working with objects.

What I like about the book

It does give a good explanation of how JavaScript works and what you have to be aware of. It does a good job of linking an OO readers experience with the explanations. It does come around all major subject areas you expect from the title. I also believe the book will be good to return to as a reference for further understanding, when I get run over by the peculiarities of JavaScript later (and I am sure I will). Finally, it is a short book and to me that is a big plus.

What I miss in the book

My biggest complaint is that I would like more spelled out recommendations as to what and when the different language features and pattern. The examples are very simplistic and similar, a few larger more realistic ones would have helped med tie it more to real problems.


I can recommend this book for anyone with an OO background who are starting out in the JavaScript world.

Full Disclosure: [This book was reviewed as a part of the O'Reilly Blogger Review Program]

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